Titanium, Graphic Or Steel, Which Kind Of Materials Should You Choose For Your Golf Clubs?


A set of golf clubs is an indispensable item for all golfers, from those who just begin to play golf or those who are already experts in this field. However, for golf beginners, it is very difficult for them to select a standard set of golf clubs since these are much diversified in terms of makes, models, sizes, material and even prices. In this article, I will discuss about what are good as well as bad aspects of each material of golf clubs so that you could have foundation to choose the most appropriate for yourself. There are three common and main kinds of materials of a golf club; these are titanium, steel, and graphite. Now, let’s begin our discussion on each one.


Titanium clubs

What are good aspects of titanium clubs?

This kind of golf clubs is the most suitable choice for golf players who have a lot of power in driving the golf ball because titanium clubs are heavy and stiff. Titanium clubs could help golfers to create a faster wing and more accurate shot. This kind of golf clubs also provides golfers to drive the ball in a maximum of distance.

What are bad aspects of titanium clubs?

Since titanium golf clubs are very stiff, by using this kind of golf clubs, golfers could hardly control or manage how hard they should hit the ball. This is an important disadvantage of titanium clubs since the shot could lose some accuracy when you hit the ball too hard. Another thing that is not good about titanium clubs is that they produce a very loud noise upon impact with the ball. Finally, this kind of clubs is more likely to be expensive, hence, you should carefully think whether you should buy it if you have limited budget.

Steel clubs

What are good aspects of steel clubs?

Like titanium clubs, steel clubs are also heavy; therefore, these clubs will be suitable for players who have fast swing speed. . Because these clubs are heavy, they could help improve accuracy. Long lasting life span is another advantage of this kind of clubs. Compared to titanium clubs, steel clubs are less expensive.

What are bad aspects of steel clubs?

Two bad aspects of this kind of golf clubs are that they do not absorb shock and they could create harsh vibrations and send those through the hands and upper body of golfers after they make a shot.

Graphite clubs

What are good aspects of graphite clubs?

One good thing of graphite clubs is that these clubs are lightweight and flexible. Therefore, these are more likely to be suitable for female golfers or for those with a slow swing speed. These clubs also increase distance and accuracy.

What are bad aspects of graphite clubs?

Short life span and durability are key disadvantages of graphite clubs. If you buy these, you need to prepare to replace them more frequently than clubs made from other metals.

Above are all pros and cons of each kind of materials of golf clubs. I do hope that you could make the most appropriate choice of golf clubs based on this article.

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