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Nowadays, people know that golf is a worldwide sport which anyone can play. The main target of any golf game is trying to hit the golf ball into the final flag. It seems easy but it isn’t. You should have the special strategy with great skills to complete the mission. Golf is not like other sports. With the gameplay, with the basic requirement for players, golf is a unique sport. There are a lot of things to tell about golf and it will take many articles to do that. So, the first article in golf series will tell you about the benefits of golf and why golf is a great choice for people.


Benefits Of Health

If you want to find the best game for your heart, golf will be the best candidate. Golf contains many factors which will improve the functions of your heart as well as other parts of your body. At first, if you want to play a golf game, you need to walk about 6 km to 8 km. This is a great number for improving your health. I bet that you will compare with other sport which will require more than that. However, 6 km to 8 km in an averageĀ golf course will be the best number for your heart. If you walk less or run more than that, you will have some troubles related to health.

It is no doubt to say that golf will help us stay fit. With golf, you will have enough exercise. Other sports can cause problems due to the fact that it requires too much strength and stamina during a game. You can burn more calories with sports such as football, tennis but your heart will have some problems if you keep playing like you were young. Golf can solve that. The only thing which is important in golf is the accuracy. The stamina, the strength, and the muscle are not crucial in a golf game. That means you can play excellently like the times you were young.

The Relationship

With other sports, talking when playing means that you will lose the game. In golf, we don’t think so. In golf, you can do both things: enjoying a game and having a good conversation with your boss. Why not? When you walk from the current position to a new spot, you can have a lot of time for chatting or making a better relationship with your partner. So, you can know the reason why businessmen choose golf playing ground as a good place to strengthen relationship with their partner

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