How To Make Your Life Easier And Stop Worrying


Taking charge of your mind.

Plant your empty moment.

It’s easy to fulfill every moment you walking on the road or your free time with smartphone apps, social media browsing, TV, books, hobbies and much more. Sometimes, it isn’t a good idea. What you need isn’t a distraction, it is more simple than your think: a moment to yourself. Most of us don’t have a lot of free time in the day, but it isn’t hard to find a few minute to drop everything and be alone with your thoughts. It is the time to consider your problem, your life,…

  • Use your free time efficiently to think about whatever you want, or only relax yourself and watch the scene around you. Lay your back down and staring at the ceiling or the falling leaves outside your window. Don’t fill it with anything that asks your concentration to enjoy or brainstorm as a book or a smartphone.


Play Sports

Let prepare best golf clubs or best soccer shoes to play sports you love. That is really one of the best way to enjoy your life.

Take time to clear your mind.

If you have a busy week for working, you also can find a half hour to set everything aside for quiet meditation and reflection. Nobody can deny the benefits of meditation. It is a powerful technique to organize our thoughts  and feelings and learn much more about attention. It requires you focus on your breathing until the rest of your thoughts become quiet. By slowly breathing and feeling the beat of your breathing, your mind becomes more smoothly and gently, especially when you are stressed.

  • Yoga or playing sports is not only enhancing your physical strength but also your mental strength. And spend a little time to set weekly goals or remind yourself of tasks that need to be completed soon such as paying tuition fee for your children,… or prioritize the level of what you need to do in your next week. Please feel free to keep a note of paper and a pen close to you when you meditate so you can remember, list and organize everything next week. You should use your notes to solve your week ahead, reducing unnecessary worries.

Be rational

We often worry about everything in our life from our children to small things as what we should have for dinner. These worries limit our control in life, such as what people think of our meal or whether or not our children got a high score at school. We come up with some assumptions and it runs around our mind. It is hard to help thoroughly, even though it is clear that worrying won’t change your outcomes. It is existed in your life in a natural way. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to reduce these habits. To limit these worries, you should make a conscious effort to pay your attention elsewhere and don’t let negative sides covered your thoughts.

  • Remember to respect yourself. If something happens in the way you don’t intend to, review these events in your brain and then, try to get your attention on what you did right and how much you tried for it instead of cursing yourself for your mistakes. If you lose with your actions, it could be win for the others who make a lot of great efforts to achieve it. Otherwise, we don’t need to blame or criticize ourselves endlessly. It only makes you worried more the next time a similar event happens to you and you might be fail again because of your unnecessary worries. Believe that you did your best and you will do your best next time as well. There is no good reason to let you worried over things that have already come and gone.

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