Golf- The Sport Of Businessmen And Wealthy Persons


Nowadays, golf has become a popular sport in many countries in the world and has been selected as a hobby of wealthy people.


Even in business, the golf course is the place where wealthy businessmen bring their partners to. Many contracts are signed thanks to discussions on the golf course.

A couple centuries ago, when golf became popular, businessmen and some people in the middle class have thought of building a golf course in the spacious countryside for them and others who are at the same ‘level’. In other places, people still played golf the same way as when golf was born. However, the version of the new golf club having expensive fees, clear play rules, tools and the standard course became more popular. You can see this link to know how expensive golf clubs are

Besides, the handicap system (depends on the level of player) made this sport especially attractive to businessmen. Adjusting handicap system based on the skill of players has become popular since Royal Wimbledon Golf Club proposed rules which were applied in 1898. Thanks to the system, players having different skills, levels and physical body could play together. Even a normal player could win the game if he or she performed well. Businessmen may thought that the equality of golf would help them get the contracts easier.

An obvious reason making golf the noble sports is its very expensive fees. Golf was brought to Viet Nam by Bao Dai King, the last emperor, in the 1920s. At that time, golf was just a sport for King and nobility. Until 1990, golf became popular, still, it didn’t mean golf became common. In Viet Nam, it takes about 1-3 million dongs for a round of 18 hole course for the individual. Renting a golf cart will take from hundreds to 1 million dongs. That is not included other fees such as hiring a caddie, renting shoes, balls or putters. If you want to buy yourself a full set of golf tools, you will have to spend a lot of money, it can even take over 100 million dongs. Of course, member fee of golf clubs is also very expensive.

Shadow Creek golf course in America is one of the most expensive courses in the world. It takes one person USD 500 for one round (about 11 million dongs).

Moreover, golf attracts players by its safety. There are not many accidents on the course. Besides, beautiful view, unique rules, unpredictable results and huge ground are other factors making golf interesting to people. That’s why many people love playing golf and give it high comments although it is very expensive.

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